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Village Barre is more than just a fitness studio. We are a community center for women to grow, love, and share with each other.

Planted as a small seed of compassion in the mind of owner Rachel Phillips, “Village Barre came together in one of those ‘aha’ moments,” says Rachel. This seed of compassion for her community grew into a need to do more, to help more, and to be more. Rachel realized that through barre, she could offer a real mind body connection. The type of connection we don’t usually get in our busy day to day lives. This connection could help other women take pause and see themselves and their neighbors the way God sees them, not the way the world has taught them to view themselves.

To help women make this connection mentally, physically and spiritually, we have put a lot of time into making sure every class we offer complements our mission in some way. Striving to deepen people’s connection to Christ, we facilitate an experience that offers an opportunity, to believers and non-believers alike, to authentically connect to God through worship and wellness. 

Outside of classes, Village Barre still strives each day to help grow love and community. We offer a beautiful and peaceful quiet room for you to enjoy any time! Filled with serene sounds and essential oil aromatherapy, all members are welcomed to use the quiet room at their leisure for prayer, reading, meditating and more. We offer monthly clinics and seminars to help grow ourselves and see beyond our current state. These monthly events are opened to everyone, but greatly discounted to the members of our community. We also offer childcare 3 days a week for any mom who needs to come in and spend a little time with us.

All of our instructors are happy to lend an ear, shoulder, or tissue to anyone wrestling with who you are and how much you are loved!



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Rachel Phillips , Owner

Rachel Phillips, Owner


our method

Village Barre offers a vast range of specialized classes designed for
all fitness levels, ages and body types.


barre n' pow{h}er®

barre n’ pow{h}er offers isometric holds that allow for self-reflective sensory awareness. You will find yourself in the present-moment only, able to block out the world around you; holding postures in a non-judgmental environment where you can grow over and over again.

This class is a profoundly focused and challenging form of barre. It is based on 25 years of dance experience and research, as well as over a decade of mind body fitness study, training, and master instruction. Our technique is rooted in traditional isometric barre fundamentals and takes an attentive neutral spine approach towards building deep muscle strength, tone, flexibility, balance, and alignment. barre n’ pow{h}er is for everyone at any fitness level. We offer unique, safe, and fun variations to allow continuous evolution within the mind to body connection.

tap n' pow{h}er®

Through tap n’ pow{h}er®, you will continue your growth as you shape, tone, and elongate your muscle groups while your instructor infuses your class with messages of empowerment. Each participant will be encouraged, throughout class, to stretch beyond perceived boundaries & achieve enhanced fitness objectives. 

The structure of tap n’ pow{h}er takes a thoughtful approach at building deep muscle strength, tone, flexibility, balance, and alignment to women’s bodies. Improving balance has vast benefits and aids in the body’s: neuromuscular strength, proprioception, and muscle isolation, hip and core stabilization, rehabilitation of muscles and joints, and enhanced caloric burning. This class uses an interval-based safe yet challenging format.



hold n' pow{h}er®

hold n’ pow{h}er is a balance and strength fusion class of isometric posturing interspersed with dynamic and elongating stretching. Clients will be lead through each posture with detailed description, demonstration, tactile correction, and encouragement! The intention for hn’p is to take each individual on a unique and challenging journey to join breath, spine, and heat, while furthering the relationship of mind to body.

hold n’ pow{h}er is infused with messages of empowerment as each participant is encouraged to stretch beyond perceived boundaries and achieve fitness objectives. If you’re looking to build a greater connection to your body, grow in physical strength, and find a new appreciation for the word “hold," this one’s for you!

praise n' pow{h}er®

A beautifully blended bouquet, praise n’ pow{h}er is a Spirit-led journey through thoughtful and safe movement that is centered around worshiping our Lord and Savior.

praise n’ pow{h}er motivates, encourages, and celebrates our freedom in Christ, while speaking LIFE and Gospel TRUTH through movement, rest, and joy! A celebration of of God’s Love for His precious daughters all while being played out to heaven’s joyful tune.

This class is for every woman, as each participant is encouraged to move or rest how she feels led during each practice. You may even bring a pillow, blanket, and journal if you’d like.

John 4:23 “But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeks such to worship him.”




strength n' pow{h}er®

strength n’ pow{h}er builds upon our trademark tap n’ pow{h}er class by incorporating the use of a weighted bar to enhance strength and further challenge participants.

Training with added light weights has been proven to preserve muscle mass, assist with weight control, decrease injury risks and reduce symptoms of osteoporosis.

With an emphasis on building strength inside and out, strength n’ pow{h}er delivers form-focused movement in a fun, creative, challenging, and effective way.


Village Barre offers childcare on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for the 8:35 am and 9:45 am classes.  Available to children ages 3 months to 8 years old.  The rate is $5 per child for a single class, $35 for a pack of 10 classes.


Still have questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.


Great, challenging class with a positive and encouraging instructor. I'll be sore tomorrow!

Susan S. ★★★★★



8:35 AM // barre n' pow{h}er

9:45 AM // barre n' pow{h}er

6:00 PM // barre n' pow{h}er


5:00 am // barre n' pow{h}er

8:35 AM // barre n’ pow{h}er

9:45 AM // hold n' pow{h}er

6:00 PM // barre n' pow{h}er


6:00 AM // barre n’ pow{h}er

8:35 AM // barre n’ pow{h}er

9:45 AM // tap n' pow{h}er


8:35 AM // barre n’ pow{h}er

9:45 AM // strength n’ pow{h}er

6:00 PM // barre n' pow{h}er


5:00 AM // barre n' pow{h}er

8:35 AM // barre n’ pow{h}er

9:45 AM // praise n' pow{h}er


8:00 AM // barre n’ pow{h}er

9:15 AM // pow{h}er class varies



Rachel, Village Barre Owner

Growing up, Rachel took lessons in ballet, tap and gymnastics. Through the years, Rachel has pursued many forms of physical fitness including tennis, running, zumba, and yoga. After attending her first barre class she was immediately hooked! Upon discovering her love for barre, she developed a passion for the method. The mental and spiritual connection she was able to find within her body became a message she desired to share with other women.

Almost since the beginning, Rachel has trained under Amy Weber, creator of THE pow{h}er METHOD, in both barre n’ pow{h}er and tap n’ pow{h}er.

Rachel previously owned an interior design firm, RP Designs, and has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications from Lipscomb University. Rachel has a husband and two daughters that are the lights of her life. She takes great pleasure in helping women achieve their goals, mentally, physically and spiritually. Her hope is that, through teaching, she can help women to see themselves the way the Creator intended.



Growing up, Christin was active in cross-country, track and singing. She always enjoyed working out and being a leader, so when she was introduced to barre she knew immediately it was a skill she wanted to obtain and share with others.  

For Christin, barre is more than just a workout, it is a way for her to share her love for health and wellness in a safe and effective manner. She was certified in 2017 and teaches barre n’ pow{h}er and was trained under Amy Weber, creator of THE pow{h}er METHOD.

Christin graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a Bachelor of Science in Communications, and is currently employed at Parman Energy as a Human Resources Representative. She is happily married to Austin Clark and the two live in Nashville, Tennessee and enjoy family, great films and dreaming about their future together. 



Jessica has loved all things dance since she started her first ballet class at four years old. She danced in ballet, contemporary, jazz, and tap from a very young age, continuing through High school and college. When she wasn’t dancing she was on the soccer field, in a yoga studio, or headed out to the softball field. Although all these things make her happy, nothing comes close to the way that she says barre makes her feel.  She has been actively practicing since 2008. “There’s just something about making that mind-body connection that you can get lost in. You can shut out the rest of the world and focus all your energy on listening to your body and pushing yourself. I’ve become a better version of myself because of barre n’ pow{h}er, and Village Barre. I love sharing that feeling with others, that’s why I became a teacher.” 

Jessica loves spending time with her husband Andrew, her son Sawyer, and her dog Leia. When she’s not at the studio teaching or taking other teachers’ classes, she gets people into their dream homes by helping them find the mortgage financing that they need. 



Growing up, Amy took lessons in jazz and ballet. She was part of a high school dance team and has always been a water sports enthusiast. Her water sport activities included rowing crew, lifeguarding, lifeguard instructor, swim team (as well as coaching it) and teaching swim lessons to children. Amy loves pursuing all avenues of fitness. An active lifestyle is part of her daily life!

After taking her first barre class several years ago, in an effort to change her routine, she was hooked! She hasn’t stopped since. Amy will be sharing her passion for barre n’ pow{h}er, as well as tap n’ pow{h}er, with all of our Village Barre community. She studied and trained under Amy Weber, creator of THE pow{h}er METHOD.

Amy graduated from Virginia Tech, with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, and is currently employed by an international construction management company. She currently lives in Franklin with her fur baby, Andy-Fred….because every southern dog needs a first and middle name.



Anna discovered barre in 2013 while pregnant with her third child. She immediately fell in love with the practice, especially the mind-body connection. A year later, that love expanded to include tap n’ pow{h}er.

Since childhood Anna has participated in various forms of dance in athletics including ballet, tap, softball, basketball, gymnastics, and tennis. In adulthood, she found a love for yoga, pilates, and running and has completed two half marathons. Knowing she would love to be an instructor,

Anna was certified to teach Barre in June of 2015. She has also also completed tap n’ power training. Anna is so excited to share the beauty and transformative qualities of both barre and tap n’ pow{h}er with others in her community!



Growing up, Abigail always participated in competitive sports activities like track, soccer, and cheerleading. The desire to be active stayed with her, but following a back injury, it became harder her to find outlets that didn’t compromise her body.  After a long search, Abigail discovered her passion for barre in 2015.  She began practicing at Village Barre and fell in love with the pow{h}er method format of barre taught in the studio. She left the classes feeling confident, empowered, peaceful, and strong. The mind-body-Spirit connection took the whole experience to another level. It became clear that barre had to be apart of her life.  Then it became more, it was a part of her life she wanted to share with others.  She decided to take a step of faith and become certified to teach in 2018.

Abigail moved to Nashville in 2010. She is hair stylist and makeup artist, and is fervent about her craft. She is an animal lover, especially to her two fur babies, Kitten and Trixie. Abigail is passionate about helping women of all ages see themselves the way The Creator does and walk in all that He has for them. 



Kathryn has enjoyed being active all of her life! She instructed gymnastics as a teen and then continued instructing step aerobics, spin, and water classes during college. After a pause in her group fitness activities for marriage, medical training, and having 4 wonderful children, she decided to return to group fitness. After trying out a barre class several years ago, Kathryn fell in love with the physical and mental concepts of strength, flexibility, and balance. She was also drawn to the feasibility of being able to continue the practice as she enjoys “aging gracefully” on this earth.

After falling in love with barre, Kathryn was then introduced to tap n’ pow{h}er under Amy Weber. She was taken by the mind-body-spiritual alignment encouraged in the program. She also loved the additive of cardio as desired to help round out her whole fitness practice. Kathryn is now certified in barre and tap n’ pow{h}er and looks forward to continuing in her personal growth and sharing these opportunities with others.



Kristen has always led an active lifestyle and enjoyed challenging herself to try new things. In her twenties she took up mountain biking (state champion in 2000!) and became a personal trainer. Later in life, several physical set backs caused Kristen to back away from fitness.  Kristen began a journey to find something that could keep her safe with her newly found limitations, but would also challenge her mind body connection. She stumbled upon Barre fitness and realized this was just the thing she’d been looking for!  After several years of practice, Kristen jumped back in and got certified.  She loves to help clients connect to their bodies, and really encourages them to modify where they need to.  She has a strong Yoga background, having practiced several different styles over the years, and you may see that incorporated into some of her classes!

Kristen also loves nutrition.  She is an excellent source of information and can often be found reading up on the latest nutritional information, or researching a new recipe to practice healthy eating with her family!  

Kristen loves helping people and she owns  her own business as a professional Organizer.  She is married and has three kids, two dogs and a cat.  If she’s not at the studio or organizing someones space, there’s a good chance you’ll find her on the soccer field with one of her sweet babes!



It was love at first class for Jennie-Blair. She quickly became addicted to how barre made her feel and how it changed her body. Jennie-Blair’s love for fitness began early in her life as a dancer, gymnast, basketball player, cheerleader and a competitive swimmer. During college, she continued to pursue physical fitness including running, swimming, spinning and weight training. Her competitive side, and pursuit for physical fitness, lead to many half marathons and triathlons including one triathlon in Walt Disney World! Barre, however, has won her heart and she is now an integral part of our team.

Jennie-Blair graduated from The University of Memphis and is currently self-employed as a Certified Public Accountant. She moved to Nashville in 2000 with her husband and high school sweetheart of 24 years (married 16 years). They have two beautiful daughters and two Shih Tzu’s. The mind-body connection, the noticeable physical changes, and the sense of community are among the many things Jennie-Blair loves about Barre. She is excited to share her barre experience with other women.

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